The Evac Chair – An Introduction

Provision for a safe means of escape from a building in the case of an emergency is essential, especially for people with mobility problems and doubly so, if your business is located in a high-rise building. Evac chairs provide the perfect solution for evacuating people who have difficulty using stairs and will experience difficulties if the lifts are shut off should an emergency situation arise.

Evac chairs are the ideal escape provision for such institutions as hospitals, schools, universities and other public buildings but also advisable in office tower blocks, tall hotels or multi-storey business complexes. Conventional stretchers are difficult to use in confined, narrow stairwells, and wheelchairs are hard to manoeuvre down the stairs. Evac chairs and evac sleds are the most appropriate and sensible provision to aid staff and visitors with mobility problems in exiting a dangerous building.

Features of an evac chair

A standard wheelchair construction is the traditional platform on which rescue chairs are built. To the basic wheelchair chassis designers have included an array of ingenious mechanisms for slowly and safely negotiating stairs. The chairs retain their wheels but often have additional sleds that support the rear axel and patient as they are wheeled downstairs.

Tough rubber tyres or in some designs tracks are incorporated that grip the steps firmly and prevent slipping as the chair descends. Gravity breaks are another essential feature; these enable the chairs to be deployed with only one person assisting, although some models do require two people to help.

Rescue chairs often have built in carry handles for negotiating tight corners or crossing fallen rubble and secure webbing straps give extra security to the person seated in the chair.

Modern materials mean that the current model of emergency chairs are light and durable, which is important for the person handling them, bulky and clumsy designs will inevitably lead to blocking off, of stairwells and compounding problems. The latest chairs are slim, lightweight and collapsible, which makes them easy to store and simple to deploy during valuable moments in an emergency.

As they have a shorter length it makes them better suited, than standard stretchers, for rescue use in narrow corridors and restrictive alleyways, such as you will find on ships. One city that makes extensive use of evac chairs is Venice in Italy, where its tight streets, bridges and maze of apartment blocks make them the ideal rescue system. The ambulance boats of the Italian city exclusively use evac chairs to transport their patients to the city’s hospital.

Why Rocking Chairs Are in Popular Demand

From the days of Benjamin Franklin till date, rocking chairs have experienced growing demand and are now known to be one of the top furniture to own in a home due to its many therapeutic and relaxing benefits. Due to the benefits of rocking in a rocking chair:

1. Blood pressure falls and respiration slows, yet energy is being exerted in shifting your body weight back and forth. As a result, it is a good exercise for the mind, body and spirit, and helps those with sedentary lifestyle to achieve muscle tone through manageable, non-weight bearing exercise. Instead of lying in bed, opt to rock instead! You will rock away depression and stress, and lose some weight in the process too.

2. It has been shown through research revealed by Rocking Chair Therapy Research that rocking helps students with ADD and ADHD better adapt and focus in the learning environment. It is assumed that the motion of the rocking chair can accommodate the need to keep moving while these students are studying and listening.

3. As recommended in an article written by the staff at Mayo clinic, one of the ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy is to sit and stand with care. Sitting with feet slightly elevated and choosing a chair that supports your back are two of the steps advised to take. Most rocking chairs, like the glider rockers, have cushioned back supports that relieve back pain. When sitting you can place your feet on an ottoman or a low step stool.

4. Nursing mothers recovering from C-sections reduced their hospital stay by a full day by rocking regularly during the day. This is evident from the fact that in most hospitals, if not all, rocking chairs are provided. I can personally attest to the benefit and speedy healing that rocking provided to me. Whenever I sat down, after resting my feet and cuddling my baby, I had to exercise my muscles and use my body weight to get back up. It also helps in practicing good posture.

5. The back and forth motion of a rocking chair provides social, emotional and motor development. It helps calm crying babies, makes them smile and hold their heads up. Its roomy seat and armrest are high enough to make breastfeeding or bottle feeding easy and comfortable. It is important that these chairs are sturdy and solid. The mother-child or father-child attachment is also fostered. Rocking chairs are very useful bedroom furniture as well.

6. As in the case of Dr. Milton Erickson who was born in 1901 and later became the world’s leading practitioner of hypnosis, he contracted polio at the age of 17, and was told he would never walk again. Dr Erickson started rocking and discovered his ability to convert past memories of muscular movement into small motions while he sat in the chair.

7. A prenatal benefit is that it is believed to promote the development of the fetal nervous system. It has been quoted that Anne Ayres; an American nerve psychologist recommends that at the start of the 10th week of pregnancy, women should rock 5-10 minutes twice a day.

8. Many pregnancy support articles and web sites recommend rocking in a rocking chair to prevent the development of varicose veins by stimulating circulation and improving muscle tone.


Rocking Chair Therapy Research:

Comfort Zone of the Hospital Industry

Space & furniture make up the the room live & ardent. Be it the house or the hospitals, furniture find out its own space under the roofs. The furniture is coordinated well to make the room as a source of comfort. When it comes to choose or to make furniture for the hospitals, the manufacturers & suppliers become a little bit cautious. We proclaim the hospitals as a healthcare institutions where the level of comfort of the furniture become too important. The hospital beds, tables, stretchers & wheel chairs all are made to provide a higher degree of comfort & composure.

Now, the hospital beds, lockers, wheel chairs all work in unison thus keeping the stigma at bay. The stigma is that the the hospital furnitures are cold & sterile, usually supposed. It is the time now to procure the hospital furnitures like trolleys, wheel chairs, pediatric beds and the alike to gain which are easy to clean & repair. When the pediatric beds are taken into account it is suggested that these should have an adjustable head support so that the mother & baby can enjoy the maximum comfort. Similar is true for trolleys & stretchers which are urgently required in emergencies.

People want to be friendly & pretty comfortable with the accessories they are using. The degree of comfort depend upon several factors. Age factor is one of the must taken account. For the young adult, kids & the granny types they have the varying degree of comfort. Perhaps, the granny types want more comfort according to the ailments they have. The hospital beds & examination tables are one of the several examples of the hospital furniture. The right dimension of the hospital beds & the tilted examination tables are the kind of comfort approved furniture. Although a saying goes on “hospital is to die and doctors need not be befriended”. Therefore it is necessary to make the hospital zone to offer the optimum comfort.

It is high time to realize that the hospital furniture procured should give a “look & feel” pattern of home to the patients who are reluctant in spending their course of time in hospitals or in any rehabilitation centers. The patients can’t sustain alone in the hospitals and require someone close to him. The ward care beds where the patient is resting reliably even require someone by his side (attendant) for the proper care & help. The attendant bed is required for such attendants. The “look & feel” factor do not come as such. The bedside lockers are offered to keep the belongings as is done in the closet or shelf of the home. The deluxe bed side lockers offer more comfort and ease for the patients & the attendants to keep the belongings.

Similarly the bedside screens give more privacy for them. The foot step & crash cart are again said to be an adjunct of comfort & luxury for the hospital industry. All the accessories are said to be incomplete without mentioning hospital garments and blankets. These hospital garments & blankets come in different patterns to make the patient feel comfortable of what they wear. Totally neat & clean and free from germs, the garments & the blankets incorporate antibacterial protection. At least the patients can flaunt of the cleanness of the garments they use!

In this ultra modern age, progress is prevailing everywhere and in every stuffs…be it the household equipments, heavy machineries or in the hospital industry, the hospital industry has taken a giant leap in the stuffs it is using. The doctors & paramedics are now boosted towards their work. The patients are healed properly & quickly. They are recovering faster. Thanks! To these hospital furniture.